Publish a thesis

After the final revision by the thesis committe and the defense of the thesis. It´s time to publish the thesis with an ISBN number to be visible for the best sellers of books (Amazon and others) and to obtain money of it (EDITADA pay authors a royalty of 8 percent of the sales of the thesis).

1.-Contact you university´s library, office, thesis department, or advisor to obtain an agreement to allow students to publish their thesis online with a publishing company. Here is a example agreement.

2.-Upload your finished thesis to EDITADA system, then select the kind of book (option 1, option 2, option3) and backing you want.

3.-Then select additional services as editing layout, design of covers, correct grammar errors, verify plagiarism.

4.-You receive a e-mail with the information of the payment.

5.-You obtain a ISBN number, the opportunity to have your thesis published onto Amazon´s Kindle E-Book reader for others researchers and students. A thesis distributed as an E-book is ideal for any thesis that is particulary huge.

6.-Optionally the thesis will be appears as available into the EDITADA web page to print-on-demand. Print-on-demand is ideal for very short runs (25 to 500 copies).

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